encounter a glitch


I'm watching the latest episode of Silent Witness on BBC iplayer I am around two thirds of the way through and things are getting INTENSE. Engrossed in the plot,

            absorbed, tension is run      ning through my bo n e s. The picture suddenly becomes static, stuck on an image of the detective's face. The face is left behind but there is a continuation of sound.

I try reloading the page,

                                                                              but the screen has now frozen,

                            I try re                                       loading the page, but my cursor is refusing to budge.


              I try reloading the page. re loading reloading re looooadingre

I am frustrated with this inconvenience.

Gradually the top of the screen begins to pixelate, and the whole page is slowly pixelated. Creating colours and forming new images within this fault. What a mesmerizing fault. An alluring,

                          beautiful parasite,




captivating my attention with its hypnotic visuals. I am irritated yet seduced, the glitch fondling my eyes.  Its slow manifestation holds me, I am slightly concerned about what is happening to my computer, but frustration has left my body.

The Glitch “maintains a sense of the wilderness within the computer” , giving it a life of its own.

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