A skype exchange; Slow mo me pixelating video. I see my mouth move

and you               

          fra gm enting words,


          disjointing bo    dy and v  oice,

                out of sync.

                                                                                                                                                                  A static 20 seconds of


                                                                                               a gaping mouth.

………….Having been immersed in conversation, eyes wander from the screen.


back into the room,


                                             eyes readjust dimensions, body alone , interfacial touch, lost.


Once the signal returns, the conversation has to get ba                 ck in sync and on track, rewinding words, re-syncing the flow of conversation, the once engrossed thoughts lost. A disp;laced punctuation mark. The potential of that conversational moment, lost, a set back.


    …... Entropy      

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