wake up wonderful | one up like this | anderler | ich is i simply say | monds are forev | ot to explai | 

Are u ready to | ee when i | Isten to me when I | G OO O Oooo | O? | Cos I'm ready t | ee it i want it | it's all about the game | an feel | ive in a worl | my star | ing point is | ike an echo pedal | ant to explain | ot to say | ystem that scales you to your nee | ine bright like a diam | ant to explain | U SPIN MY HEAD RIGHT ROUND RIGHT ROUND LIKE AN ECHO PEDAL RIGHT ROUND RIGHT ROOUOUOUOUOUND | ALL MY LOVE IS BUBBLING OVERpushpullpulshpushpushpushPULLPUSHPULL | eeeezybraw | also coming up | is show is a very special sho | ant to explain | 

The GLOW is R E A Lgoing forward moving forward really coming up to the surface i can really feel it somethings happening here can u feel it i might throw it i dunno i might try and get it out out outoutoutoutou





KEEP     IT                       TOGETHERtoutout yeah yeah yeah yea yea out out out all my love is bubbling up to the surface poppop poppoppop POP sometimes the diaphragm weakens around the and you can feel it on ur face popping popping popping BUBBLING UP to the surface can u feel it 

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